Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint Version 16.0.6741.2048 Free trial

The Microsoft Office package presentation software program

By saying the word presentation, you actually say PowerPoint. This common software program by Microsoft, have succeeded in tuning every disorderly text into a tidy, neat and organized statement, simply by adding a few dots to its right and by alluringly presenting it upon computer monitors. Nowadays, professors struggle to regain control over students' attention, fighting what seems to be a losing battle to Microsoft, since most eyes are fixed on the animation included into presentations and since non-PowerPoint presentations have become as rare as black-and-white TVs and had basically gone the way of the Dodo.
The program's newest version takes its capabilities one step further, thus allowing for the creation of impressive effects, new and sophisticated animations, and tools designed for the advanced user, for timing slides and for utilizing other elements such as embedded video clips or audio files.
Users who solely need to view PPT or PPTX files may suffice with the free Power Point Viewer version, which enables users to view and print presentations created by others. However, users who wish to create presentations of their own and who aren’t thrilled by the prospect of mastering a new software program, which in most cases will also be an inferior one, will most likely have to install the full PowerPoint version.
Its integration with Office is seamless and allows for adding Excel graphs, which are updated in real time and in accordance with the original Excel file, for use of Word's friendly and familiar dictionary, and for other things. Now, you can convert any presentation into a secure PDF file, and share you presentation safely, without having to fear others will edit it. This can be done directly from PowerPoint without having to install a designated PDF software program.
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